VIDEO: Two homeless men find NJ explosion bombs

ELIZABETH, N.J. (CNN/KRON)—Two homeless men in New Jersey are being called heroes.

They found a backpack full of explosives in the town of Elizabeth.

“When I noticed the bag I said ‘this is fine I can have this for work, put my lunch in.” said Lee Parker who spotted backpack.

“We picked it up I continued around the corner to the store he said this is kind of heavy!” said Ivan White who also spotted the backpack. “Then I put the bag down, looked inside it one more time and said ‘this is a bomb, we need to go get the police.”

The men made a five minute walk to the police station to warn authorities.

A robot was trying to disarm it when the device exploded.

“I watched the robot that could have been me.” Parker said.

The two say they were just doing what they’d been told if you see something, say something.

“I consider myself a person that was in the right place at right time,” White said. “And I was glad I was able to do something to keep other people from being hurt.”

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