20-year-old feared for safety before her murder

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Shortly before her death, 20-year-old Lucia Pamatz made several attempts to get her ex-boyfriend, Cristian Acosta, out of her life.

When she began to fear for her safety, Pamatz turned to the judicial system for help.

On Monday afternoon, Pamatz was shot and killed in her Salem, Oregon apartment and less than 24 hours later, Acosta was arrested in connection with her death while attempting to flee to Canada.

According to court records, in late May, 22-year-old Acosta attacked Pamatz and was arrested for assault. He later plead guilty but was released on the condition that he not drink alcohol and stay away from Pamatz.

Two days later, Pamatz filed a restraining order in which she wrote, “Cristian began to threaten me over text, saying he was going to hurt me. He was going to hurt my mom. ‘I don’t care if your family suffers, I just want you gone.’”

She claimed that Acosta forced himself on her sexually and expressed concerns about him owning or having access to a gun.

On August 9, Acosta appeared before a Judge Vance Day for his assault charges. Day sentenced Acosta to 90 days in jail, a sentence he would still be serving today, but he didn’t spend a day behind bars.

Acosta was instead placed on probation, only to go to jail if he violated the terms of that probation.

On September 19, investigators believe Acosta shot and killed Pamatz. Acosta is now lodged in the Whatcom County Jail in Bellingham, Wash., where he awaits extradition to Salem facing the charge of aggravated murder with a firearm.

Friends and family told KOIN they believe the system that was supposed to protect Lucia Pamatz failed her.

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