KRON4’s Teacher of the Week: Leah Murray

Version 2

(KRON) KRON4 is honoring Leah Murray as our Teacher of the Week.

Leah teaches 4th grade at Farallone View Elementary for the Cabrillo Unified School District in Montara.

Here is the winning nomination:

Why are you nominating this educator?: Where do I start? Mrs. Murray’s kindness, compassion, and deep respect for each and every student shines in everything she does.
For example, she has Tea Time every Friday afternoon. The parents and family members were invited to participate last Friday and I got to be a part of it; I can understand why the kids love it so. This ritual is designed to encourage a love of reading, among other things. She begins by reading a book to the class. The books she chooses are carefully chosen for their positive and empowering themes. The children then make their tea and select a spot in which to read books of their own choosing. Mrs. Murray plays soft music and she reads her own book, circulating around the room to get tea refills for the students, or help with anything they need.
Mrs. Murray goes above and beyond to ensure each student’s success. She and the children were such warm and welcoming hosts and you could see how much this weekly event means to the children.
I cannot express our appreciation enough for what she has done for our student and she is the type of teacher that you wish your student could have through college. Her support and excellent teaching techniques have made all the difference for our family.
She deserves to be teacher of the year! She certainly is to us.


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