Three dead birds and one group of mosquitoes found with West Nile

CONCORD(KRON)—The Contra Costa Mosquito and Vector Control District announced Thursday that three dead birds and a group of mosquitoes were found with the West Nile virus.

Each dead bird was found in the cities of Concord, Martinez and Walnut Creek.

The district trapped the mosquitoes near Knightsen.

“The mosquito season is not quite over and we still have some hot days ahead,” said the District’s Scientific Program Manager Steve Schutz, Ph.D. “Fall is officially here, but the mosquitoes haven’t gotten that message yet. People still need to protect themselves until the cooler weather arrives and the mosquitoes go to sleep for the winter.”

To avoid contracting the West Nile virus, the district has these tips:

-Dump or drain standing water. Mosquitoes can be found living in there.
-Use insect repellent like DEET or Picaridin.
-Avoid going outside when mosquitoes are out.
-Maintain swimming pools because one can produce one million mosquitoes.

Approximately 56 people in Contra Costa County have contracted the West Nile Virus since 2005. Two people died from the virus in 2006.

For information about human cases, call Contra Costa Health Services at 888-959-9911.

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