VIDEO: Man gives free hugs during Charlotte protests


CHARLOTTE, North Carolina (KRON) — Ken Nwadike started the Free Hugs Project two years ago after the Boston bombings.

He has gone across the country with a message of peace.

And on Wednesday night, that included embracing police in full riot gear, right in the middle of violent protests.

“I think that there is this idea that people have well I’m angry and I’m just going to lash out and that’s not the way to move about it. And so I try to make sure that when I am out I’m just reminding people that love and peaceful protests and things that that’s going to be the way that we get past some of these things and be able to sit down and have real discussions as human beings,” Nwadike said.

Some protesters though taunted him for it.

So, he turned to them and explained that the police need our compassion too.

Nwadike said he wasn’t sure how police officers would respond.

Later, he said one officer thanked him for the hug.

There are no reports of officer or civilian injuries during Thursday’s demonstration.

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