12 tech workers win Powerball Prize in Sunnyvale

FILE - In this Jan. 13, 2016 file photo, a clerk hands over a Powerball ticket for cash at Tower City Lottery Stop in Cleveland. Powerball estimates that its jackpot for the May 4, 2016, drawing is $348 million. (AP Photo/Tony Dejak, File)

SUNNYVALE (KRON) — Twelve tech workers in Sunnyvale won a Powerball Prize from the July 30th drawing.

According to Powerball officials, Venkata Alluru and eleven other coworkers won $785,065 before federal taxes to share among each other. The winning ticket was purchased at the Liquor and Food Mart on 734 Oaks Avenue in Sunnyvale.

Alluru said, their group had only been playing the Lottery together for about four months and they all pooled in $60 dollars each for tickets.

“I was at the grocery store buying our tickets for the next draw and I noticed Powerball had reset to $40 million,” Alluru said. “Then I thought okay someone won the jackpot — I better see what’s going on!”

Alluru came back from vacation, and did not realize if anyone had won the jackpot. He quickly checked his tickets and noticed that one of his tickets had five out of the six winning numbers.

Alluru admitted to not showing any excitement when first learning of their winnings.

“I didn’t want to jump around. I just wanted to tell everyone we had won!”

Alluru said, none of the coworkers believed him at first when he announced that they have won a prize. The group is not making it a big deal about it, they don’t care to let others know they won.

“We just want to keep it to ourselves!” Alluru said.

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