Facebook video shows teen allegedly giving pot to his 3-year-old nephew


NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (CNN Newsource) – An Arkansas teen is facing charges after a video of him smoking marijuana with a toddler appeared on Facebook.

In the troubling video, police found on one of Lamel Yancy’s Facebook accounts.

It shows the 17-year-old handing what he says is marijuana to his three-year-old nephew and encouraging him to smoke it.

“It really makes you sick to your stomach, this is a three-year-old baby,” Sgt. Brian Dedrick, of the North Little Rock Police Department, said.

Sgt. Dedrick says in his more than 20 years of policing, usually nothing surprises him, but this case does.

“I was just really disturbed by what I saw.”

He says what’s even more upsetting is it appears that the toddler has been exposed to the substance before.

“You know the way the child holds it, put it up to his mouth and actually either inhaling or breathing in the blunt.”

Police contacted DHS and they took the child into custody.

The child was taken to Arkansas Children’s Hospital for a hair follicle test but was later returned to the family.

People in the neighborhood are astounded.

“Oh, that is unreal. That doesn’t make any sense. He should have more respect for the young lad than anybody else to not smoke around him for one and definitely not let him smoke!” Derrick Stallworth, a Parent said.

Yancy is facing a felony endangering the welfare of a minor charge but police say more charges could be added.

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