VIDEO: California bill forbidding drivers from “holding and operating” their devices signed into law

Generic iPhone



SACRAMENTO (KRON) — A California bill forbidding drivers from holding and operating their devices for any reason has been signed into law on Monday, according to assemblymember Bill Quirk (D-Hayward).

The bill does include an exception for “the motion of a single swipe or tap of the driver’s finger,” as long as the phone is mounted on the windshield or dashboard of the car, Quirk said.

Quirk said he introduced the bill to prevent distracted driving.

“Technology has improved so rapidly, and our cell phones are more capable of much more than just calls and text messages. Smartphones have an abundance of available features that demand a driver’s attention, leading to very dangerous driving behavior. However, such activities are not clearly prohibited by law,” Quirk said.

In June, officials said the number of crashes and injuries related to phone use appears to be increasing, Quirk said.

“This bill targets the deadliest cause of distracted driving related crashes, the use of an electronic device while driving. The accidents, injuries and deaths associated with this form of distracted driving are completely preventable. I am proud that Governor Brown has agreed that it is time that we update our archaic laws on the issue and do our part to make sure drivers are focused on the road. This bill will save lives,” Quirk said after learning the bill was signed into law.


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