VIDEO: Trooper drives Detroit man over 100 miles for little sister’s funeral


DETROIT, Michigan (KRON) — A heartbroken man was trying to get to his family after learning that his little sister had died, and that is when an Ohio trooper went above and beyond to drive the Detroit man more than 100 miles to make sure he got there.

Mark Ross got a phone call from home on Sunday morning, and he was told his 15-year-old sister, Eliza, had been killed in a car accident.

Ross and a friend immediately started back for Michigan, and just into Ohio, they got pulled over.

His friend had an outstanding warrant and was taken into custody, while the car got towed.

Ohio Sgt. David Robison did something remarkable and offered to drive Ross over to his family.

And before the two parted ways after the drive:

“He made me really see a light, I already saw. You know, there’s so much stuff going on in the world right now, but he really opened up a door for me and I’m humbly grateful for that officer,” Ross said.

The two took a photograph right after, which has been shared over 100 times.

Ross hopes this act of kindness can help calm some of the unrest in this country, but for now, he is focused on lying his little sister to rest.

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