Kansas teen completes Harvard University before high school

KANSAS (KRON) — A Kansas teenager is on the brink of graduating college, before he will graduate from high school.

Braxton Moral, 14, a sophomore in high school was tested “gifted” when he was in the first grade. He is currently enrolled at Harvard University, and is expected to graduate from college a week before high school.

“You know the first thing anyone is going to say about me is ‘oh he’s that kid that goes to Harvard’,” Moral said.

By the third grade Moral felt unchallenged and was depressed, according to Moral’s mother Julie.

“He got very depressed. He basically had what most of us have when we’re 40. ‘Why am I here? What is my purpose in life? Is god real?’ Just huge, huge depression. It was a hard, hard time in our life.”

Braxton was only nine-years-old when he was denied from taking classes at his local community college. Moral’s next stop was Harvard University.

“You know, everyone wants their niche, and so I figured Harvard would be a stepping stone. Hopefully not a stumbling block.”

The high school sophomore is doing well in college, and has written a paper arguing that Nixon’s resignation was a coup d’etat.

The 14-year-old has even made prominent friends, such as public figure Justice Sonya Sotomayor and Senator Pat Roberts.

Moral claimed that he is still the typical teenager with a messy room, and who gets to go to prom. He also is in disbelief of the day that he will graduate from the Ivy League school.

“I was thinking about the other day how surreal that actual day will be, but it’ll be a fun experience.”

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