Video: Bryan Stow spreads anti-bullying message to Daly City elementary students

DALY CITY (KRON) — Students at an elementary school in Daly City received a positive message from physical assault victim Bryon Stow, Friday morning.

Byron Stow delivered an anti-bullying message to the students of Westlake elementary, after being attacked from Dodger fans in the Dodger stadium parking lot, back in 2011. Stow received a traumatic brain injury as a result.

Stow walked into the cafeteria filled with signs saying “this is a no bully zone,” and he urged children to always be good sports.


In an effort to get his point across, Stow displayed images of himself prior to the attack and images after showing his scar on his head.

Stow was attacked by two men, and went into a coma for nine months. He described his lengthy hospital stays, and missing out on milestones of his children’s lives to the students.

After the attack Stow received help from a speech language pathologist, because he had to learn everything such as walking and talking.

At the end of his speech, students lined up to get their jersey’s autographed by Stow a different type of hero.

Stow admitted that giving this speech is taking part of his healing process.

“Becuase I feel good in my heart too, and seeing their faces and as I leave they are saying bye brain bye. It makes me feel good.”

According to Stow, he has delivered this message at least 49 times statewide at all elementary, middle and high schools. Juvenile Halls within the state have hosted Bryan Stow.

Stow’s next plan is to deliver his message to school’s in Hawaii, and eventually the world.

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