VIDEO: Car burglaries on the rise in the Tri-Valley

SAN RAMON (KRON)—Police are seeing an increase in car burglaries in the Tri-Valley.

KRON4’s Lydia Pantazes shows us who is being targeted.

Police say thieves are looking for cars that have valuables sitting in the front seat.

Anything they can grab quickly and get away.

San Ramon resident Bonnie Davey is making sure her car is locked and there’s nothing valuable inside.

“They take everything they can get their hands on,” Davey said.

She knows because she’s been a victim of burglaries targeting cars.

“I myself, we’ve had our car tossed twice now that we live here,” Davey said

But just recently her apartment complex sent out letters, warning people who live in this San Ramon community that burglaries hit several cars and even stole one.

Police say it’s a growing trend across the Tri-Valley area which includes San Ramon, Castro Valley and Pleasanton.

“The freeway makes it easy access to get off and get right back on especially if you’re targeting apartment complexes or neighborhoods that run right along the freeway,” said Corporal Michael Schneider of the San Ramon Police Department.

Schneider says just this week burglars broke into three utility trucks in the area.

“Three work trucks were targeted, the storage boxes that line the back of the truck beds were targeted for miscellaneous hand tools,” Schneider said. “Two of them belonged to PG&E and the one was for an elevator company.”

He says criminals will take what they can get, anything unlocked becomes a target.

“That’s not good,” Davey said.

Bonnie says she’s being extra vigilant, making sure she doesn’t become a victim again.

“Well we always lock your car doors and we don’t leave anything inside but that doesn’t seem to matter if they feel like going through your car, they just go through them,” Davey said.

Police say one issue they’re seeing is that people don’t lock their cars making it easy for thieves.

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