VIDEO: Razor blade in Chipotle burrito raises concerns

TOPEKA, KANSAS. (KSNT) – A woman’s Facebook post has caused an uproar on the internet and concern for Chipotle customers.

Posted on several group pages, the picture shows the black blade inside of the burrito.



“The order was a to-go order for her office. They didn’t see the food get prepared,” Caitlin Welsh said in her post. The burrito is said to have come from the store in Topeka, Kansas at S.W. 21st and Wanamaker Road.

“That’s horrible,” Jim Barnes said as he was walking toward his car. “That’s horrible but you know in this day and age anybody can try and sabotage you, you know.”

Although Barnes was not ready to completely disregard the chain but other customers certainly were.

“I would probably rethink coming to Chipotle,” Jovaughn Anderson said through shocked laughter. “I haven’t had anything wrong with my food. I typically get a bowl so I can actually see what’s in it but that would concern me.”

Chipotle responded to a KSNT News request for comment saying “We have been in contact with the customer and are beginning a thorough investigation into this alleged incident. The wellbeing of our customers is always our highest priority, and we reached out to the customer to begin an inquiry as soon as it was brought to our attention.”

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