2-year-old, 10-month-old killed in murder-suicide

BUCKSPORT, SC (WBTW) – Dozens of family and friends gathered on Sunday night to hold a prayer vigil for the four people killed over the weekend.

Chief Deputy Coroner, Tamara Willard, identified the victims as ten-month old Justice Burroughs, two-year-old Katylin Bellamy, 40-year-old Kristina Burroughs and 51-year-old Keith Davis.

Katylin Bellamy (Facebook)
Katylin Bellamy (Facebook)

The Bucksport community prayed, sang hymns and lit candles in their honor. A memorial of balloons, flowers and stuffed animals was created in front of the home where the shooting happened. Jamison Pertell, a 19-year-old relative of those killed, said it brought joy to his heart to see so many people at the vigil.

“Not even that it’s a surprise because I know when things like this happen, not that they happen often, but when things like this happen we tend to come together. Everybody pulls together to help out,” added Pertell. He said he hopes the younger kids in the community understand how precious life is and how nothing should be taken for granted.

“Just because something like this happens I’m not going to curse God,” said Pertell. “I’m not going to let this situation knock my faith down It’s just going to make me stronger.”

Petrell said the whole community has to continue to come together after this tragic event because that will help change everyone for the better.

The Horry County Police Department is investigating this as a murder-suicide.

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