VIDEO: Top 10 list of worst Bay Area congestion hot spots

(KRON)—The top 10 list of the worst Bay Area congestion hot spots for 2015 was released Monday.

The Metropolitan Transportation Commission compiled the findings.

Santa Clara County Supervisor Dave Cortese said congestion has been the worse it has ever been.

The MTC defines traffic as moving at speeds of 35 mph or less, Cortese said.

After crunching all the numbers, rose 22 percent in 2015 to an average of 3.2 minutes a commuter spends each week in traffic, according to the MTC.

Commuters are spent more time in traffic compared to 2.7 minutes in 2014.

1. Afternoon drive on U.S. 101 northbound and Interstate 80 eastbound in San Francisco County.

2. Interstate 80 westbound from Hercules to the Bay Bridge going into San Francisco all day.

3. Morning commute along Interstate 680 eastbound and Interstate 280 northbound in Santa Clara County between Fair Oaks and Ave. and Oakland Road.

4. U.S. 101 southbound during the afternoon drive in Santa Clara County.

5. Interstate 80 eastbound in Alameda County during the afternoon commute.

6. Morning commute on Interstate 880, southbound in Alameda County.

7. Interstate 680 northbound during the afternoon commute in Alameda County.

8. Morning drive on U.S. 101 northbound in Santa Clara County.

9. Interstate 880 northbound during the afternoon in Alameda County.

10. Afternoon drive on U.S. 101 northbound in San Mateo County.

The MTC advocated for three measures on the November ballot that they say would help ease traffic congestion.

Measure RR is being voted for voted on in Alameda, Contra Costa and San Francisco counties.

The measure is the BART bond measure to issue $3.5 million for repair and maintenance.

Measure X in Contra Costa County is a half cent sales tax increase that would be used for transportation improvements.

Santa Clara County has Measure B on its ballot.

Measure B would raise the sales tax by a half cent. The money would be used for VTA and to finish the BART extension in the South Bay.

You can follow KRON4’s Robin Winston on Twitter for all the latest traffic information on the KRON4 Morning News Monday through Friday.

The findings come from many factors including:
-Population: By the end of 2015, the Bay Area population rose to 7.6 million. One out of four residents live in Santa Clara County.

-Employment: Bay Area employment reached 3.7 million which is an all-time high mostly in San Francisco and the Silicon Valley.

-Miles Traveled in Congestion:94 percent of Bay Area freeway traffic was traveling in free-flow to moderate traffic.

Housing: New units being built are below levels in the 1970s and 80s.

-Travel Time Reliability: Peak commuter time have seen little change since 2010.

-Transit Asset Condition: Almost 30 percent of public transportation is past its useful life.

-Particulate and Ozone Concentrations: Weather conditions linked to the drought caused ozone levels to increase slightly.

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