VIDEO: Antioch schools receive “creepy clown” threats

A reveler dressed as a clown poses for a photo during the 'Gigantes da Lira' carnival parade in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Sunday, Feb. 8, 2015. Rio's over-the-top Carnival is the highlight of the year for many local residents. Hundreds of thousands of merrymakers are beginning to take to the streets in open-air "blocos" parties. (AP Photo/Felipe Dana)

ANTIOCH (KRON)—The Antioch Unified School District reports its schools have been the target of “creepy clown” threats Tuesday according to district officials.

Students reported the social media threats Tuesday morning at several of the district’s middle and high schools.


This is part of the hoax that is being shared across the country, said  Associate Superintendent Adam Clark.

Other Bay Area school districts have also reported the “creepy clown” threats including Oakland and Fairfield.

The police department is investigating the case, Clark said.

The message appears to be a copycat and it hopes the threats were not made by a student inside the Antioch Unified School District, according to Clark.

“Please remind your child that making social media posts that threaten violence against a school and/or students is considered a terrorist threat, is punishable by law, and could result in expulsion from the school district,” Clark said.

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