Fleet Week: Behind the controls of a giant United 747



MOUNTAIN VIEW (KRON) — Fleet Week is underway in the Bay Area.

On Tuesday night, we are giving you a look at what it is like behind the controls of one of the aircraft taking part.

One of the memorable moments of the Fleet Week air show is when the giant United 747 does that low flyby over the Bay, right above Alcatraz.

KRON4’s Gabe Slate got a rare invite to NASA Ames Research Center in Mountain View to fly with a pilot in one of their state-of-the-art flight simulators to learn about the challenges and risks a stunt like this poses.

Watch the above video to see Gabe’s full report.



 Nasa Ames Research Center simulator labs. For an overview: http://simlabs.arc.nasa.gov/

The CVSRF is where Gabe did his flight 747: http://www.aviationsystemsdivision.arc.nasa.gov/facilities/cvsrf/index.shtml

And specifically the Boeing 747-400 simulator: http://www.aviationsystemsdivision.arc.nasa.gov/facilities/cvsrf/747_sim.shtml

Pilot and simulator manager Matt Gregory featured in this story is with “Flight Research Associates” they do contract work for NASA.

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