My KRON4 Story: Woman tries to find lost ring’s owner

WALNUT CREEK (KRON)—“My name is Laura Bramble and this is my KRON4 story.”

Bramble’s story begins with posts along busy Oak Road in Walnut Creek.

“I was walking last Saturday from where I live in this area and kicked something and heard a metal clinking,” Bramble said. “Then realized when I looked back that it was bigger and more significant and it was this ring. So I picked it up and to me it looked like something important and valuable. To me, this is a ring that’s a sign of love and promise and togetherness and it seems that someone’s probably missing it.”

So Bramble posted signs near the spot of her discovery and while no one has made claim for the missing ring she hopes the effort will transcend finding a lost ring’s owner.

“Why do a story about a lost ring, with all the wackiness that is going on in the world if something like this makes somebody else think about what sort of good deed they could do, whether it’s buying an extra can of soup and throwing it in the bin at the grocery store,” Bramble said.

Passersby’s seem to acknowledge Bramble’s sentiment.

“I think it’s great it’s good luck for the person that found it for that person who lost it,” one man said.

Perhaps it is all a matter of spreading good karma.

“Starting a trend of positivity instead of what has recently been all over the news,” Bramble said. “I’d be happy that way.”

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