VIDEO: Major pot bust in San Leandro finds five grow houses worth $1.6 million a year in sales, 5 arrested

(Alecia Reid/Twitter)


SAN LEANDRO (KRON) — Officers in San Leandro arrested five men in connection with a major pot bust on Wednesday, according to KRON4’s Alecia Reid.

In the bust, officers found five grow houses worth an estimated $1.6 million a year in sales.

It took two dozen officers for the bust, KRON4 has learned. Police said they had the suspects under close scrutiny for three-to-four months.

$40,000 in cash was also recovered in the bust. Police seized more than 2,000 plants, police said.

The houses involved were in residential areas–the Bayo Vista Neighborhood and also near Corvallis Elementary School and Washington Manor, where Isaiah Colclough and his twin 2-year-old sons Xavier and Kai play every day.

Police said the Chinese-American men were illegally growing and selling marijuana, also paying $6,000 to $10,000 a month in PG&E bills.

With more than 30 officers executing search warrants on Wednesday, most of the suspects complied, except one. Police said once he realized he was caught, he ran into a crawlspace and was hiding underneath the house.

Detectives are looking into whether this could be part of a larger scale operation, spanning different cities.

Alecia will have a full report on KRON4 News at 10 p.m.


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