VIDEO: Creepy clown threats target San Jose schools



SAN JOSE (KRON) — Schools in San Jose have become the Bay Area’s latest target of “creepy clown” social media threats.

The superintendent of East Side Union High School District sent out a letter to parents informing them of the clown threats.

“The safety of our students, teachers and school communities is a priority,” Superintendent Chris Funk wrote. “We take threats of this type seriously.”

Funk says the San Jose Police Department has been informed of the threats and that the district is on heightened alert.

“We are asking our students and community not to engage with or respond to any threats on social media,” Funk said.

These threats are just the latest of many clown-related incidents nationwide. Creepy clown sighting, encounters, and threats have been widespread across the nation in the last month.

Several schools across the Bay Area have become targets of the threats. A 1-year-old baby girl was almost snatched out of her mother’s arms by a clown at a Concord bus stop.

In the letter, Funk mentions that Halloween is soon. He says each school will determine whether of not they will allow students to wear costumes.

However, costumes of clowns, nor any costumes that disguise the identity of the students, will not be allowed.

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