VIDEO: Police invade San Leandro brothel, possible sex trafficking; multiple arrests


SAN LEANDRO (KRON) — Police in San Leandro have invaded a brothel on Thursday, according to KRON4’s Alecia Reid.

Multiple arrests have been made. There is possibly sex trafficking involved, KRON4 has learned.

Police said they got complaints about suspected illegal activities at the home located in the 300 block of Aloha Drive.

“Earlier this week, detectives located internet advertising on a website known to be used by “Johns,” who surf ads looking to engage in prostitution. They communicated with a woman by text message, who later agreed to perform sex acts with the undercover detective for $160 and provided him with the Aloha Dr. address,” police said in a press release.

Police said they saw suspected “Johns” come and go from the house on Thursday morning. When officers knocked on the door, they said three Chinese women between ages 31 and 54 tried to run away from officers through the back of the house.

Officers eventually caught up with them and arrested them.

No other information has been made available by police.

Police later found an outdoor surveillance video system covering the front and side of the home. Police said the suspects inside could watch from a monitor in the kitchen.

Police found a man and woman inside the home. The man told police he was there for a massage, police said.

Detectives have not identified anybody involved.

“These investigations are very challenging, especially when trying to seek criminal charges,” Lt. Robert McManus said. “We have difficulty convincing “Johns” to cooperate with us, which negatively impacts the investigation. More importantly, we strongly consider the human trafficking aspect involved in these operations and know that some women are forced into performing the illegal sex acts. In those cases, our goal is to provide the true victims [women] with social services that will assist them in escaping from this illegal industry.”

When police searched the two-story house, they said they found little furniture in there and determined nobody was living there.

“Each room had a mattress on the floor, a small table with condoms and lubricants on it, and a sheet covering the window, as well as a suitcase, mostly filled with women’s lingerie. Investigators recognized this set up as being standard for the crime of prostitution,” police said.

Police seized $1,500 cash from the home. They believe the money was from illegal activities and other items related to prostitution, police said.

After interviewing the woman and man, police said one of the women arrived from China less than a week ago and was coming to San Leandro to engage in illegal prostitution.


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