VIDEO: Creepy clown threats could hurt some Bay Area businesses


SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — The growing number of creepy clown threats are hurting some Bay Area businesses and clown performers are already feeling the pinch.

Brian Wishnefsky has been entertaining as a clown for more than three decades.

But now, he said he is concerned recent clown threats are hurting his livelihood.

“I know some people are changing their acts and all that stuff and they’re going, ‘Oh my God, How I am I going to pay my bills. I never saw it coming,'” Wishnefsky said.

Wishnefsky says a few bad actors shouldn’t destroy a business meant to bring people joy.

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With Halloween coming up, KRON4 went to San Francisco’s Costumes on Haight to see if clown costume sales have been affected.

But store owner Chuck Nicklow says they’ve never been that popular anyway.

“We probably have about (3,000) maybe 4,000 rental costumes, and we’ve got like this section up here,” Nicklow said. “Maybe like 10 clown costumes out of the entire store.”

Proving his point, customers KRON4 spoke with weren’t in the market for a clown costume either.

“Creepy, but you know that’s because clowns in general, I guess, I perceive as being creepy,” customer Anne Brochar said.

“If I saw a clown on the street, I’d be pretty scared,” Melissa Caruana said. “I wouldn’t be scared if I saw it at a party. But if I saw one, and I was alone, I would definitely be freaked out by it,” Melissa Caruana said.

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