VIDEO: Pittsburg police say Highway 4 cameras used to curb freeway shootings seem to be working


PITTSBURG (KRON) — There have been about 30 freeway shootings in the Bay Area over the past year.

As the bullets sprayed across the main artery roadways, commuters have been concerned for their safety. One city took matters into their hands and installed cameras along a main corridor in the East Bay.

In Pittsburg, police say the eye in the sky seems to be working.

Pittsburg police report since their last shooting back in June, there have been no shootings along Highway 4, and they are giving the credit to high-resolution cameras.

This spring, two fatal shootings left Highway 4 corridor commuters on edge, forcing police to come up with a plan.

“Our chief went to city council and requested funding to put cameras on the freeway,” police Cpt. Ron Raman said.

Council approved $100,000 to be redirected to purchasing and installing cameras along the freeway.

The high-resolution images and audio can be accessed from all the officer’s cellphones and have high-power zoom and tilt options to better catch details and hopefully deter criminals from committing violent crimes on the highway.

“And if there was a violent crime committed on a freeway, we would have the means and resources to investigate and hopeful arrest the suspect involved in it,” Raman said.

But there hasn’t been a need yet as a quick freeway getaway seems to be a thing of the past.

Pittsburg police report no shootings on Highway 4 since the last incident in June.

But the cameras have also come in handy for returning stolen cars to their rightful owners.

“Because we have automated response plate readers on the freeway, and at least 30 stolen vehicles have been recovered, and over 30 people have been arrested on the freeway in the past three months,” Raman said.

Despite the benefits, there are some people concerned about invasion of privacy by having this eye in the sky on Highway 4.

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