VIDEO: Attempted kidnapping of 5-year-old in Emeryville


(KRON) — A suspect attempted to kidnap a 5-year-old girl Friday afternoon but was scared off when a family member began screaming.

Emeryville Police tell KRON4 News that just after 2 p.m. a male tried to grab the little girl twice at the intersection of 53rd St. and San Pablo Avenue.

The 5-year-old was being held by a family member when the suspect approached, attempting to grab the girl, then tried again. That is when the family member screamed and the suspect took off.

Police caught the suspect nearby, he was placed under arrest for attempted kidnapping, child endangerment, and a probation violation.

The suspect arrested has been identified as Eddie Fontenette.


The Emeryville School District has issued a statement on the incident:

It disturbs me that we have individuals in our society that attempt to harm children, and I am happy that the Emeryville police were able to quickly apprehend this person.




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