VIDEO: Political analyst weighs in on second presidential debate

(KRON)—Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton faced off in their second presidential debate of 2016.

KRON4’s J.R. Stone and Justine Waldman interviewed political analyst James Taylor who said the debate got very heated and very personal.

“Donald Trump acted like a prosecutor trying to prosecute Hillary Clinton,” Taylor said.

Trump has been using total chaos during his entire campaign to cover-up controversies, according to Taylor.

A tape was released on Friday of Donald Trump making crude comments about women. This might be an issue he cannot get away from, he said.

“I don’t see how he can possibly recover from these recent comments of this tape that were mentioned in the first questions,” Taylor said. “I think the best strategy for him is to create complete confusion around these debates.”

Clinton and Trump did not shake hands when they first got on stage.

“At any level, you show a certain courtesy the entire time,” Taylor said.

Trump did enough to stop the screaming and the bleeding that was going on regarding the tape, according to Taylor.

When Trump questioned Clinton over her emails getting leaked, she seemed dumbfounded and still does not have a quick response to the issues that have been plaguing her for months, he said.

“She should have had a readied answer for Donald Trump,” he said.

Trump came out better than he came into the debate, according to Taylor.

“This is probably in my opinion the worst presidential campaign in American history particularly how Donald Trump has made chaos out of the entire process,” Taylor said.

When KRON4’s J.R. Stone and Justine Waldman asked if there was a winner in the debate, Taylor said there was no clear winner.

“Trump did more to help himself, but I don’t think it was a win,” Taylor said.

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