Three officers placed on administrative leave after officer involved shooting in Modesto

MODESTO (KRON) — Officers are still investigating an incident that turned into an officer involved shooting in Modesto Calif., Saturday morning.

According to Modesto police, officers responded to a family disturbance in the 1500 block of Queens Avenue involving a father and his daughter.

Police were notified from a caller who said that his daughter, Kim Jackson, 53, was intoxicated and vandalizing the inside of his house. Upon arrival Jackson left, and then returned a second time armed with a knife.

When officers arrived at the house, Jackson approached the officers with multiple knives raised above her head. After verbal commands to drop the knives, officers proceeded to use a taser, bean bags and eventually a fire arm to halt Jackson.

According to officers, Jackson was transferred to a nearby hospital immediately and succumbed to her injuries.

All three officers were veterans in the police. Alex Bettis, Michael Callahan and Joseph Lamantia were all uninjured and placed on paid administrative leave a standard for any officer involved shooting.

Police said, details leading up to the shooting are still being investigated.

Three separate and independent investigations are taking place. The Modesto police department is conducting both a criminal and administrative investigations. The Stanislaus County District Attorney’s Office is conducting an independent review of the incident.

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