VIDEO: Child listed in critical after boat capsizes has been released from hospital

SAN FRANCISCO (BCN)—A 4-year-old boy who was listed in critical condition after the boat he was on along with 29 others capsized in the San Francisco Bay
Saturday afternoon has been released from the hospital, according to a spokeswoman with the San Francisco Department of Public Health.

The boy was initially found unconscious and was not breathing when he was rescued, however, bystanders were able to give him CPR before he was rushed to the hospital.

The boy was taken to Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital along with his brother, mother and father, who were released from the hospital sometime late Saturday or early Sunday, health department spokeswoman Rachael Kagan said.

Four other victims, including a child who was also listed in critical condition, were also taken to different hospitals, according to San Francisco Fire Department officials.

All the victims, including the 4-year-old and the other child who was initially listed in critical condition, are doing well, although it was not immediately clear how many remained hospitalized, fire officials said.

This morning the police department’s Marine Unit began searching the bay at around 10 a.m. using sonar equipment to locate the sunken vessel.

The accident occurred Saturday, around 4 p.m., when the 34-foot sailboat Khaleesi capsized about 100 yards off of Pier 45, sending 30 people into the water, according to U.S. Coast Guard officials.

Coast Guard crews were able to rescue 20 people from the water. A San Francisco Fire Department boat crew rescued eight people, while good Samaritans rescued the two remaining victims, Coast Guard officials said.

Some of the victims had become trapped under the hull, but bystanders, police, firefighters and Coast Guard crews rescued all 30 within 32 minutes, according to Coast Guard officials.

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