Man arrested after leading police on car chase through two cities

SALINAS (BCN) — A man was arrested in Salinas Monday after leading sheriff’s deputies and police from two cities on a vehicle pursuit and foot chase,
Salinas police said.

Evan Smith-Sweeney, 31, reportedly fled a vehicle burglary in Marina in a stolen truck. Officers from Salinas and Marina, along with Monterey County Sheriff’s deputies searched for Smith-Sweeney in the Los Olivos neighborhood of Salinas, police said.

At about 4:30 p.m., officers responded to a report from a resident of Coleridge Drive in Salinas who saw a man hopping over a neighbor’s fence. The man matched Smith-Sweeney’s description, Salinas police said.

A resident of Dickens Drive then called in a similar report of a man jumping his fence and attempting to steal a bicycle from his yard.

Plainclothes detectives searching the area spotted a man matching Smith-Sweeney’s description walking near Star Shopping Center on South Main Street.

A uniformed sergeant then tried to approach the man, who fled on foot, running through the shopping center and through a beauty salon while the officer ran after him.

The suspect ran into O’Reilly Automotive, where the officer attempted to tase him. The suspect got out through the back door, where another officer tased and arrested him.

Smith-Sweeney was arrested by Marina police and booked into Monterey County Jail.

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