VIDEO: 2 people carjacked at gunpoint in Oakland BART parking lot


OAKLAND (KRON) — Two people were carjacked at gunpoint in a BART parking lot in Oakland on Monday, and police are trying to track down the suspects.

Two people were walking to their vehicle inside the parking garage when suddenly, a man holding a gun grabbed one of them from behind.

“This is coming from MacArthur,” dispatch audio said. “This is also a carjacking.”

The carjacking happened Monday night at around 11:51 p.m. on the second level of BART’s parking lot at the MacArthur station.

Investigators said while the armed male suspect was demanding that the two victims put their personal property in the car, a female suspect appeared and got into the vehicle.

“We are advising the female was in the driver’s seat and the male was armed with a small black revolver,” dispatcher’s audio said.

The incident has caused concerned for BART passengers who park there.

“I think it is really unfortunate that people can’t be safe using public transportation,” BART rider Nanette Banks said. “The whole point of public transportation is to get people out of their cars, so it’s really unfortunate”

“Especially around here with these parking structures, like there’s a lot of dark corners, especially late at night, usually nothing good happens after 11 o’ clock, that’s what my mom always said,” concerned BART passenger Garret Bell said. “So, it’s a big concern.”

BART police describe the victim’s vehicle as a silver 2004 BMW 330i.

Investigators have limited information on the two suspects. However, the parking garage at the MacArthur Station has multiple surveillance cameras on every level.

BART police said they are reviewing footage from the cameras hoping to find any leads on the carjacking suspects.

The City of Oakland has had 184 carjackings so far in 2016.

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