California gas prices second highest in nation

File: Gasoline

CALIFORNIA (KRON) — California maintains its position as having the second highest average gasoline price in the nation.

Despite the seasonal decrease in demand, the average price is $2.79, which is $0.06 higher than one month ago. The national average price increased within the past few days, which is unusual with the seasonal decrease in demand.

California continues the decade long trend of typically posting the highest gas prices in the country.

Only Hawaii is slightly higher than California with their average price at $2.84.

Supply in the region is now impacted as many refiners begin maintenance for the switch to winter formulated gasoline. This includes the very large-scale turnaround work at Chevron’s Richmond, California refinery.

California’s average price for gasoline is $0.13 less than what is was one year ago.

California cities were surveyed by AAA, the city of Marysville came in with the lowest gasoline price at $2.48 and South Lake Tahoe with the highest average at $2.96.

While the West Coast states have the highest prices, Mid-West states are experiencing the largest weekly increases.

Hawaii and California lead the nation with the highest prices. Texas marks the lowest gasoline price at $2.01.

Concern over potential continued supply shortages due to Hurricane Matthew have waned as no refineries were threatened by the storm. By Friday afternoon, many of the southern Florida ports were cleared to receive shipments and more coastal ports opened on Monday.

“The vote to curtail production by OPEC last month and its impact on prices will be interesting to watch,” said AAA spokesperson, Rolayne Fairclough. “The ability of OPEC to enforce production limits is the key as its member nations compete for market share.”

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