VIDEO: Orinda woman shot during robbery aims to help other victims of gun violence


ORINDA (KRON) — An Orinda woman recovering after being shot during a robbery outside of her home is reflecting on how to make something good come from the incident.

The shooting victim tells KRON4’s Haaziq Madyun she wants to help other victims of gun violence

Think about this–you’re wounded during a shooting in the driveway of your home. Your husband suffers a head injury from being pistol-whipped during the incident.

Most people would be looking for some type of vengeance in the wake of a violent crime like this, but not Carol Brown.

“If I can use this thing that people are perceiving as negative, for some positive good, then that’s what I want to do,” Brown said.

Back on Sept. 26, two gunmen robbed Brown and her husband Tom Spaulding outside of their home on Claremont Avenue in Orinda.

“That’s not what this story is about,” Brown said.

Brown did not want to be on camera while she is recovering from two gunshot wounds.

She says this incident is about other victims of gun violence.

“I mean people in the Bay Area get shot every day, so why are we focusing on this?” Brown said. “I believe it’s because I live in Orinda, this privileged largely white community, and I happen to be on the school board, so if this isn’t supposed to happen to me because I am an old white woman living in Orinda, why should it happen to anybody?”

Brown said her husband is healing from his head injury, and she expects a full recovery from her gunshot wounds.

For now, she is hoping that she can use this unfortunate incident to help victims of gun violence who are less fortunate.

“I do feel like I have a responsibility,” Brown said. “If people will pay attention to me because I got shot, well, I am going to make sure they’re paying attention to me for the right reason, you know, cause I am not the only one.”

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