VIDEO: Wells Fargo illegally repossessed soldier’s car


(KRON) — Wells Fargo bank is facing fines for illegally repossessing cars of active duty military members, and they did it to 400 service members.

One soldier said he’s been battling a financial nightmare for years.

Dennis Singleton was preparing to go to Afghanistan in 2013 when Wells Fargo illegally repossessed his car.

Banks can’t do that to service members without a court order.

And Singleton wasn’t alone.

It happened to a total of 413 soldiers.

Singleton says he never got his car back and his credit was destroyed.”she signed for the house. The cell phones that we have, she signed for the cell phones. Everything, power bill,

“She signed for the house,” Singleton said. “The cellphones that we have, she signed for the cellphones. Everything, power bill, I can’t do anything because of my bad credit.”

The bank has been fined $24 million. And they offered Singleton $11,000 and a chance to restore his credit if he agrees not to sue.

Singleton says he could not put a price on the years he’s had to struggle.

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