VIDEO: Richmond police still looking for third suspect in hate crime

EL SOBRANTE(KRON)—Richmond police are still searching for a third suspect in what people are calling a hate crime while charges are expected soon against two men arrested for the September attack.

KRON4’s Hermela Aregawi is in El Sobrante with the latest.

The Contra Costa District Attorney will announce the charges Friday morning.

The victim is a part of the Sikh faith community here and they say they are scared for their safety.

41- year-old Maan Singh Khalsa is still recovering from the brutal September 25th beating.

Khalsa was sitting at a red light near Hilltop Mall when he was attacked.

The suspects, believed to be out of town refinery workers, cut off Singh’s hair. It was grown long and hidden in observance of his Sikh faith.

The community here says they feel misunderstood and threatened.

“People think we are terrorists or something,” One Sikh member said. “We are not. We are very peacefully people. We live and let live. We help the needy. Help the poor.

“We are not safe,” another Sikh member said. “Some people think we belong to Muslims, but we are not Muslims. We belong to Sikhs.”

Members of the temple describe Singh affectionately.

“I’ve heard and seen him drive all over California doing various fundraising benefits for others as well as him being a care provider, as well as him being a parent.” a woman in the Sikh community said.

Many say the incident only heightens their existing fears.

“We feel pressure all the time just from the color of our skin to the crown on our head just dressing differently from others you know people do a double take,” one woman said. “And you just never know when you’re walking when you’re driving when you’re out with your family. If someone is going to target you just because of your differences.”

A coalition of various cultural groups has called for the suspects to be charged with a hate crime.

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