Video: Windsurfer rescued from treacherous waters in Seattle

SEATTLE (KRON) — A windsurfer had to be rescued from dangerous tides off the coast of a beach in Seattle Wash. on Saturday.

The rescue which was caught on camera, depicted the windsurfer struggling to get out of the water at Alki Beach. The weather conditions in the Seattle area made it difficult to escape the waters, but two people nearby helped the man out of the water.

It is reported that local firefighters warned the man to not enter the waters due to possibly receiving injuries or being stranded in the water. The windsurfer ignored the warnings made by the firefighters.

The windsurfer told people that he was an experienced windsurfer, and has been surfing for at least 30 years.

His initial reason for getting into the water was he thought the waves were perfect.

The man was able to get out of the water, and no injuries were reported during the rescue.

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