KRON4’s Teacher of the Week: Camille Di Marco

(KRON) KRON4 is honoring Camille Di Marco as our teacher of the week for October 17, 2016.

Camille teaches 8th grade Spanish in the San Ramon Valley School District.


The winning nomination:

Why are you nominating this educator?: I’m nominating my wife as she really is a truly Loved Teacher in our community. The positive affect she has on her students, she loves them as much as they love her. Not a day goes by that we will be out in the community that she will be swarmed by recent and long ago students. Out of no where you will hear ‘Senora! Senora!’ and the hugs begin.

This past school year we attended the SRVHS Homecoming Parade. The parade stopped as the students began yelling out her name, running from the floats and parade vehicles to hug her. The same recently happened when we attended the Aloha Rally for my son at SRVHS. After his recognition ended they all began to yell out ‘Senora!’ once again.

As I said earlier, she truly loves her students and has a positive impact on their lives. She will never think twice about giving up her own free time or our family time to be there for her ‘Kids’ always with a smile and always positive…

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