VIDEO: Marshawn Lynch spotted at Oakland sideshow

OAKLAND (KRON)—Former Cal standout and NFL star Marshawn lynch was spotted at a sideshow in Oakland on Saturday.

We’re used to seeing the man known as “Beast Mode” doing this during football season.

Now that he’s retired, we’re learning “Beast Mode” likes watching cars running wild at sideshows.

A viewer sent us a couple of pictures from Saturday in Oakland.

Lynch is wearing a burgundy jacket, hat, and dreads.

A witness tells us this was 101st and MacArthur.

Lynch was also spotted at another sideshow. It was part of an event called “L.A. to the Bay.”

It is where drivers up and down the state pull off these dangerous stunts sometimes taking over freeways and other busy streets.

Of course there is nothing illegal about watching a sideshow, but police will tell you it can be dangerous especially if one of the cars spins out of control.

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