Green Valley residents told to boil tap water

SOLANO COUNTY (KRON) — Residents of Green Valley, in unincorporated Solano County, are being told to boil their tap water before use until further notice, Vallejo public works officials said Tuesday morning.

About 400 homes have been affected by a 14-inch main break that caused a loss of water pressure, which can jeopardize water quality, City of Vallejo Public Works Director David Kleinschmidt said.

On Monday afternoon, crews discovered an eight-foot longitudinal split on a distribution pipeline leaving the Green Valley Water Treatment Plant.

At 3 p.m., crews secured the pipeline’s water flow and began excavating, City of Vallejo Public Works Director David Kleinschmidt said.

At 1 a.m. Tuesday morning, crews removed the broken pipe segment and began to install the replacement section.

Customers who have temporarily lost water service should also boil their water once their service is restored, Kleinschmidt said.

Those who live north of Green Valley Road and Reservoir Lane, including residents of Rockville Road west of Suisun Valley Road, should boil water for at least a minute or use bottled water for drinking, freezing ice, brushing teeth, washing dishes and preparing food.

Customers with pets should consult their veterinarian about feeding their pets tap water, Kleinschmidt said. Tap water can still be used for showering, bathing and other household uses.

Green Valley residents will be notified when the boil notice has been lifted.

The City of Vallejo does not currently have an estimation of the water loss.

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