San Mateo High School placed on brief secure campus protocol

Photo Credit: Google Maps

SAN MATEO (KRON)—Police placed San Mateo High School on a brief “secure campus” protocol Tuesday morning after reports of a man nearby possibly having a gun.

Teachers had to lock the classrooms and all students and staff had to stay inside during the protocol.

The possible gunman was reported around 8 a.m. in the area E. Poplar Ave. and Delaware St.

Since San Mateo High School is nearby, school administrators were told about the incident and they decided to put the school on a “secure campus” protocol.

Officers found out from a witness that no one had a gun.

Two juveniles and one adult got into an argument near El Dorado St. and Poplar Ave.

One of the juveniles imitated having a gun with his hand and pointed it down while he was walking away.

After officers searched the campus, the “secure campus” alert was lifted.

San Mateo police is still investigating the case and is working with the San Mateo Union School District to make sure its students stay safe.

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