WATCH: Man tries to ‘snatch’ child from grocery cart in Houston


HOUSTON, Texas (KRON) — A Houston mom had a man walk up to her shopping cart and quietly try to grab her 14-month-old daughter, and it was all caught on surveillance video.

Florance Monauer said she was shopping, turned her head away for seconds, and a stranger walked up and grabbed her daughter from the cart.

He wasn’t able to get her fully out of the cart because she was strapped in. Monauer doesn’t appear to panic but calmly takes her little girl back from the man.

She says the guy never spoke to her directly but said something disturbing to her daughter.

The man has not been identified and is not charged with a crime.

Houston police said they are just now starting their investigation into the case and examining it as a possible attempted abduction.

“And the fact that this happens on the one time that I was turned away—it just speaks volumes,” Monauer said.

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