OPD Sex Scandal: Attorney Pamela Price no longer representing Jasmine Abuslin, John Burris now is, sources say

Jasmine Abuslin and her attorney Pamela Price


OAKLAND (KRON) — Civil rights attorney Pamela Price is no longer representing Jasmine Abuslin, the woman at the center of the Oakland police sex scandal, according to KRON4’s Haaziq Madyun.

No other information has been made available.

Sources confirm to KRON4 that Oakland civil rights attorney John Burris is taking over as lead attorney in the sex scandal case.

Price has released the following statement:

Since September 5th, it has been my responsibility and privilege to serve the young woman at the eye of the Bay Area police sex exploitation misconduct. I went to Florida at the request of her father and lead counsel Attorney Charles Bonner to rescue Jasmine. We went to Florida because we knew the dangers she faced as a young woman literally “caught up” in the criminal justice system.

We knew that if law enforcement agencies could use their power and the criminal justice system to silence Jasmine, it would send a devastating message to all the other victims of commercial sexual exploitation by police and others in powerful positions. That message would effectively shut down any hope for these victims and for us. We know that Jasmine is not the only one. So Attorney Charles Bonner and I went and pushed and pushed and pushed until we gained her freedom. Literally by any legal means necessary.

In bringing Jasmine home and working on her case, I have tried to provide new opportunities and guidance for her to rebuild her life. It is my hope that she will someday be able to take advantage of those opportunities. I hope that she will come to understand that the life she was living can lead to death and destruction. Her safety and security have been my paramount concerns. Her redemption as a lost child has been my mission. I believe that Jasmine deserves a second chance at a first class life. I would never abandon her in that effort. Effective immediately, however, I regret that I will no longer be representing her as her attorney.

I am proud of the work done by the Coalition to Restore Public Trust, including all of its members, to hold our law enforcement officials accountable. I am very grateful for the support we received during our time in Florida from the citizens of the Bay Area and the State of Florida. The National Organization for Women has been a tremendous ally, both here and in Florida. I will continue to use my knowledge, skills and abilities to work as a champion for justice. All of us have to continue to speak out and show up for our children, for our communities and for our country.

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