VIDEO: Danville responds to spike in crime

DANVILLE (KRON)—The Danville area has seen a recent spike in crime.

Now, the police department has approved installing more than a dozen license plate readers throughout the city in hopes to deter crime and find those responsible.

KRON4’s Terisa Estacio has the details.

Coming soon to a intersection in Danville and 12 others: license plate readers will be installed.

Lt. Allan shields with the Danville Police Department he tells KRON4 News the city council recently voted to fund the project.

Two people are wanted into connection with a home invasion on Monday night in Danville.

Police say at least one was able to slip into the home while the residents were sleeping and steal several items, including a purse, credit cards and a laptop.

Lt. Shields says with the license plate reader system, it could help out in catching these criminals.

In addition to intersections around town, police cars will also have cameras.

While some people have reservations about cameras, most residents i spoke with were supportive.

The cameras go online by the end of the year.

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