VIDEO: New affordable housing complex open in Novato after thieves break in, steal thousands in appliances


NOVATO (KRON) — A new affordable housing complex is open in Marin County just one month after thieves broke in and stole thousands of dollars worth of appliances from the complex.

It was a festive celebration in Novato to recognize a community accomplishment.

People from throughout Marin County came to marvel at the opening of Oma Village. The fourteen small rental homes in the complex are meant for very low-income families that have been participants in Homeward Bound of Marin.

The program is for families with school-age children.

“Our goal here is to help the families increase their incomes but to help the next generation,” Homeward Bound Deputy Director Paul Fordham said. “The kids who are living in homelessness, now to be able to graduate from schools and to have a stable home for a long time.”

That kind of stability for a financially struggling family can be a life saver.

“Some of the kids have been on the move since they were born, so to come to a place like this which is a brand new dignified home, in a welcoming community, will allow the kids to really put down roots,” Fordham said.

Homeward Bound of Marin hopes to use the architectural design for future villages.

“These plans should not sit on a shelf somewhere,” Homeward Bound Executive Director Mary Kay Sweeney said. “We can use them again somewhere else in town.”

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