VIDEO: Raiders going to Vegas might not be done deal

(KRON)—With all that’s been going on, you’d think the raiders are already playing in Las Vegas.

Between the Nevada governor approving public funds and Mark Davis’ comments about Oakland, the team has been a hot topic this week.

The silver and black appears to be on the fast track to relocation, but some seem to think mark davis has a lot of work left.

KRON4’s Mark Carpenter spoke to a sports executive with some great insight.

Andy Dolich is the head of a sports business consulting firm, but before that he spent decades as an executive with the A’s, 49ers and Warriors.

He knows the inner workings of the Bay Area franchises and says that Raiders to Vegas is by no means a done deal mainly because we don’t know where the NFL owners stand on moving to the entertainment capital of the world.

“I mean a lot of people win early hands in Las Vegas, but many people get on the plane with their pockets inside out,” Dolich said. “So these owners who are very specific high quality business people, they keep their cards close to the vest. What they actually vote on could be completely different from what they they’re saying publicly.”

Just one of many hurdles facing Mark Davis as he tries to set up Raider Nation headquarters in Las Vegas.

Dolich says another glaring issue is the money that’s in play.

Davis has the backing of Sheldon Adelson and $750-million of taxpayer money, but there is one major expense that the NFL will make sure is paid in full.

“There’s going to be a relocation fee, if not there’s going to be precedent setting,” Dolich said. “The Rams, Stan Kroenke paid $550 million to go from St. Louis to Inglewood. Why should the league accept anything less than $500 million? Where is that money coming from? That has not been publicly talked about.”

What has been talked about is that if the NFL approves the Vegas deal, Davis plans to remain in the coliseum for two years…while his new $1.9 billion dollar is built.

A plan that Dolich can’t see happening on schedule or on budget.

He also believes there is a long-term solution in Oakland that could also include the A’s.

The problem is getting those discussions started.

“The challenge is when is the last time that you’ve seen Libby Schaaf, her group, Mark Davis and his group, John Fisher and Lew Wolff sitting in one location either realistically or speculatively working on a solution to Oakland that is something that’s a real challenge,” Dolich said.

Some interesting points Dolich also mentioned is the overarching question of if the NFL is ready to do business in a state that has legalized gambling.

Also, whether it wants to get into work with casino mogul Sheldon Adelson and possibly have him as a part owner.

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