4 people arrested for assaulting police with a deadly weapon in Millbrae

MILLBRAE (BCN) — Four people were arrested Wednesday in Millbrae on suspicion of assaulting police with a deadly weapon by ramming a patrol car with their
vehicle, San Mateo County sheriff’s deputies said today.

Detectives were conducting an undercover operation at 8:40 p.m. in the parking lot of the In-N-Out Burger at 11 Rollins Road because of a recent increase in auto burglaries.

During the operation, the detectives saw four suspects in a vehicle drive into the lot, according to sheriff’s officials.

Three suspects got out of the vehicle and began looking in other vehicles until they spotted an SUV with visible property inside.

The three suspects went back to their vehicle and the four parked in a space near the SUV, according to sheriff’s officials.

Detectives, who had been watching the four, drove up behind the suspects’ vehicle in an unmarked patrol vehicle with their lights and sirens on and boxed the suspects’ vehicle in.

After the detectives got out of their vehicle, the suspects tried to escape by reversing their vehicle into the detective’s vehicle.

The suspects failed to escape and detectives arrested them.

All four were booked into the county jail, according to deputies.

No one was injured, Zuno said.

The four suspects are 21-year-old Richmond resident Eddie Nute, 32-year-old San Pablo resident Stephen Espadron, 32-year-old Richmond resident Claude Frazier and 33-year-old San Pablo resident Exrill Wilson.

All four were arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon, conspiracy, attempted burglary and possession of burglary tools, Zuno said.

Sheriff’s officials said Nute, who was driving the suspects’ vehicle, was also arrested on an outstanding $50,000 burglary warrant.

Anyone with more information about the crime is encouraged to get in touch with Detective Patrick Carey at (650) 259-2321 or pcareysmcgov.org.

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