VIDEO: Alameda County letter carrier accused of dumping ballot guides in trash


BERKELEY (KRON) — Ninety-six sample ballots mailed to registered voters in Alameda County were found undelivered in a recycling bin in a North Berkeley neighborhood.

The nearby resident that discovered the sample ballots notified the Alameda County Registrar of Voters, who turned them over to the United States Postal Service, which is conducting an investigation into the incident.

“They were the information guides that were found, and they were delivered the very next day,” said Tim Dupuis, who works with the Registrar of Voters. “We’ve looked into this with the post office. We understand it to be just an isolated incidence but I understand the concerns, and rest assured, we are only seeing this in one location and if any voter is concerned about it, they can give our office a call, and we can look into their particular situation.”

It has been determined that it was a postal worker who dumped the sample ballots.

That employee could be subject to termination and criminal penalties.

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