VIDEO: Oakland residents dealing with damage from water main break


OAKLAND (KRON) — Residents in Oakland are dealing with damage from Friday’s water main break.

The East Bay Municipal Utility District said it fixed the pipe and restored water service around midnight. But there is still some work to be done.

Neighbors told KRON4 that they are just frustrated. This is the second time in less than two years they have had to deal with this. And they are just not convinced it won’t happen again.

The streets looked much drier Saturday after clean up crews spent hours at the site. But less than 24 hours earlier, water was gushing down Montana Street and Dimond Avenue, partially submerging cars and causing a huge sinkhole.

It also got into people’s basements.

“There’s thousands of dollars of damage materials,” resident Elois Van Sandt said. “…We were making a bedroom/rumpus room for my son.”

“And they just basically made a pile of unsalvagable, salvageable, and I’m guessing EBMUD is going to reimburse us for the unsalvagable,” Jessica Sawczuk said.

East Bay MUD said it has now replaced a portion of the 16-inch water main that broke.

But some residents said they get the sense the city is only putting band-aids on the old pipes.

“I think it will happen again,” Sawczuk said. “It seems like, I mean, I don’t know where the line is moving, but earlier, it happened at the top of the street. Now, it’s like in the middle of the street.”

“I’m just wondering when I’m going to come home at midnight, and I’m going to be walking through like 3 feet of water when it’s dark,” Van Sandt said. “Are they going to be here by themselves?

Part of the problem is the pipes are old. East Bay MUD said one of the pipes is about 84 years old.

East Bay MUD said it wants to avoid these incidents, so every year, they are replacing 800-to-1,000 water mains.

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