Kevin Durant goes on Reddit to ask Bay Area locals for tips

(Nate Billings/The Oklahoman via AP)

OAKLAND (KRON) — Golden State Warriors’ Kevin Durant wants to embrace all that the Bay Area has to offer, so to make sure he wasn’t missing anything, he went on Reddit to ask for suggestions.

Reddit users were shocked on Thursday when they figured out that Durant was asking for advice under the username 35_KD.

Hey wassup Warriors fans its KD. New to the area, still tryin to get my feet wet and want to know what places in The Bay I should check out. Im new to Reddit, lurked here and there, so yall think you can help me out for a bit?

Some users were skeptical that it was really him, but their doubts vanished when Durant shared a selfie with them.

Users immediately started to get starstruck: “Best day on Reddit ever!!!” One user offered the NBA MVP a room to rent for $700 a month while another asked if they could be best friends.

Durant responded to some comments, thanking the users and even asking follow-up questions on the places they recommended.

Here are some things we learned about Kevin Durant:

  • He’s into culture and music.
  • He likes record stores and vintage T-shirts stores
  • He wouldn’t mind if Ike’s Sandwiches named a sandwich after him
  • He’s never tried boba
  • He wants to try Philz Coffee
  • He likes jazz and hip hop
  • He’s really into Italian food right now
  • His favorite show is House of Cards

He also told fans that he “looks forward to playing my tail off for you this season.”

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