ONLY on KRON4: Several cars stolen from San Leandro car dealership used in gas station burglary


SAN LEANDRO (KRON) — Several cars were stolen from a San Leandro car dealership, and police said the thieves used the cars to commit other crimes in the area.

The general manager of the dealership said he feels lucky that none of his employees were there when the thieves broke in. He described what happened to KRON4’s Haaziq Madyun in a story you will only see on KRON4.

A photo obtained by KRON4 shows a 2016 Volvo SE90 hybrid that was damaged after being stolen from McKevitt Volvo in San Leandro. f6571a5fb9c741be801fe81db60e0492

“It appears that they may have been doing donuts, joy riding, something?” general manager Casey Turner said.

Four vehicles were stolen when over a dozen burglars broke into the auto dealership last Tuesday at around 2 a.m.

“Up to 15 people were involved,” Turner said.

Turner said McKevitt’s security system notified his staff during the break-in

“I’m just thankful that nobody was hurt or that nobody showed up,” Turner said, “once we received the call from the security company because it could have been a really bad deal.”

Three of the four stolen vehicles have been recovered by San Leandro police, but not before the cars were used during another burglary.

“Doors smashed on that place. And cigarettes missing from there as well as cash, and lottery tickets” San Leandro police Lt. Robert McManus said. picmonkey-collage

Investigators said the day after the vehicles were stolen from McKevitt, they were used during a burglary two miles away at Premier Gas Station

“We later saw in the security video that those were the vehicles responsible and those vehicles also matched the description of two of the cars that had been stolen from McKevitt Volvo the night before,” McManus said.

Two suspects have been arrested in connection to the McKevitt auto thefts. They have been identified as Eli Mahoney and Jason Lee.

Police say they are searching for more suspects in this case.

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