Suspicious devices causes a Brentwood high school to be on lockdown

BRENTWOOD (KRON) — Officers placed a school in Brentwood on lockdown after hearing from a parent that a “suspicious” device was attached onto her vehicle within the school parking lot, Monday morning.

According to police, approximately at 10:18 a.m., police officers were speaking to a student who was related to the suspicious device case. Then the mother of the student drove up and told officers the device was in her vehicle.

Authorities deemed the vehicle with the device was parked right in front of the school. Police said the mother drove the car towards the school, because she felt that it was not dangerous.

The Walnut Creek bomb squad was notified and immediately drove the vehicle to a safe location.

After an investigation officers removed several devices from the car. The suspicious devices were not deemed dangerous, according to the Walnut Creek bomb squad.

The lockdown was officially lifted as of 1:13 p.m., and the case is still being investigated at this time.

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