23 arrested in Calaveras County pot bust; over 7,700 pounds seized

CALAVERAS COUNTY (KRON) — A pot bust led to 23 people being arrested near West Point in Calaveras County on Tuesday.

Deputies seized over 7,700 pounds of pot, over 3 tons, after searching three illegal marijuana grows.

Some of the pot was packaged and looked like it was ready to be shipped elsewhere.

“Investigators located approximately 1000-1500 pounds of marijuana that was processed, dried and ready for use, transportation or sales. Several hundred pounds were discovered packaged to be shipped or transported elsewhere. A total of 1048 plants were eradicated,” deputies said in a press release.

Over $13,000 in cash was also seized as evidence.

Twelve people were found in one of the grows and 11 were found in another. All 23 people were arrested.

Deputies also said they found large amounts or garbage piled in the area, and human waste was being disposed of into drainage that turns toward the Mokelumne River drainage.

“Piles of chemical and fertilizer containers that had been used were thrown about the property. Large water containers used to water the marijuana containing unknown substances were also located throughout the properties,” deputies said in a press release.

Most of them are charged with cultivating and selling marijuana.

Two guns were also seized in the bust.

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